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Services We Provide

We support our customers by providing the products and deliveries that include production planning, product design, 3D modeling, and iterative prototyping. Our engineering team is there every step of the way. We will connect you with our experts to discuss your production plan for your unique product. The customer will be able to track the status easily through our special communication system.

Our team is experienced with sourcing for international customers for more than 10 years. We coordinate with the manufacturing unit and can arrange for the shipping of your order to your door or even to a third parties' location. We handle the paperwork, customs clearance, and all documentation to make it easier for our customers.

SEMS team engineers are well expertized in different fields of engineering. Our free 30 minute consultation will give you a plan for design structure and manufacturing. Our services will assist in the delivery of a
high quality product, at a lower cost, compared to our competitors. We handle quality control, simulation and material configuration for specified metal castings, and can work with your staff to improve production and manufacturing processes.