The biggest fake dating app I’ve ever

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April 14, 2024
Sandelig os Up to dat Slots
April 14, 2024

The biggest fake dating app I’ve ever

The biggest fake dating app I’ve ever seen with all these fake females scamming people every day please avoid this website all they want you to do his buying credits to speak to these fake females

Different accounts with different outcomes.

I keep getting messages with very explicit photos. I opened another account and I only receive messages asking very basic questions such, as do you like tea or coffee. What has puzzled me is that none of the women who have sent me the explicit images are listed in the other account that I have opened. Why such a huge difference between the two? My bank has INPATIRIA LIMITED listed as ‘suspected fraud’. Everything seems very suspect, so probably best to stay away from this site.

This site is not a dating site

This site is not a dating site, it is purley there to get you to make very expensive texts, for as long as they can keep you hooked inWhen you try to make a date to meet, they stand you up or keep you on texting and spending money

I was very interested to see what this…

I was very interested to see what this site had to offer . They are very keen to take the cash off you before you even talk to a lady . I paid a subscription , I thought for a month to see what it was like. Then the billed me again ? & again , I realised the women were not in UK [ as they stated] I cannot travel 1000s of miles for people I don’t even know, I investigated the whereabouts of its offices [ it said in UK ] turns out they are in Manila Philippines . My advice is to steer clear of these people before you lose money too [ like me]

Bots pricey , if your a guy thank God you got hands !

These lovely girls are members or bots. They haven’t met you but already they read your stunning profile. The coins or credits are priced & if you posted your city theyvsll come from that city ready to suck the skin off your cock until you ask them let’s have your address. Well even though they all say I want it right away they now want to get to know you. I’m s great lover I’m vwrll experienced by a female sex therapist psychologist yrs ago so I can give them multiple orgasms . I was a female mysn wasn’t pleasing me or always worked bet your tush I’ll be there with her. Yet it never happens all of them want the percentage of their commission by interacting with you all right that’s it for their but if they’re a serious not bots. I caught a couple texted me word for word an excuse word for word all right so it’s his bogus it’s definitely bogus man Scottish mujeres buscan hombres only thing is you know within a couple of maybe 8 weeks I’ve been at cost me $35,000 now what I mean so f*** this man now what they do was I had I had a credit card I left it online for I’m on another website which is a legit and anyway I forgot to take it offline you know and they went into my Google app and a downloaded and made it I mean they took let me see I’m about $35 for fee for not being on the website you know for about 2 months and I’ll end up you know unsubscribe meWithout my authorization and unbelievable so I got to call up my NetSpend all access company and the floor department and let him go after it

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