So far I’ve had a handful of Tinder conversations with the guys

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April 14, 2024
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April 14, 2024

So far I’ve had a handful of Tinder conversations with the guys

I was a little worried about the hookups parenthetical, but I figured that if that turned a guy away from me, I probably wouldn’t want to go out with him in the first place, you know?

I’m pretty choosy with my guys, and I have had trouble connecting with people in the past, so I figure the ones I do end up going out with will be the diamonds in the rough . . . at least that’s what I tell myself.

Tinder: A Window to My Soul?

I’ve discovered some very interesting things about myself through swiping. (Who would’ve thought?) Guys in suits: automatic + for them. I’ll take them more seriously by half than the other guys. Keywords: BYU, LDS, mission (though I’ve still swiped on guys who have none of these things).

I’ll admit, I’m not very outdoorsy, so any guy who says he likes to read and ulkomainen suhde romanssi matkat listen to good music gets a +. Clean cut: +, Gym shots: -, no bio: major -. If I don’t know anything about a potential guy, I’m so much more likely to swipe left. I don’t want to talk to any creepers, yeah?

Also, I’m going through these pictures super fast. I’m talking some pictures get less than .5 seconds before I swipe left (see point above about shallowness).

They have all seemed quite pleasant, actually, to my surprise. Do I use smiley faces, or not? How flirty is too flirty? Should I flirt? Can I flirt? Important questions.

I don’t know how long any of these processes will take, so I don’t have a real projected timeline for the next two weeks yet. (Yes, I just said “projected timeline” in regard to going on dates. I think I have a problem.)

A first date already looms with one of the guys (what can I say, I’ve been a swiping fiend). Do I want to go hiking? Hmm, well maybe? I like the outdoors, but just with the two of us? Might be creepy. Maybe I’ll suggest a double or a change of date. Lunch dates are pretty easy going. We’ll see!

Day 3 & 4: Boy Texting

I think I’m in disbelief. Over the weekend I had the fabulous opportunity to talk to not one, not two, but four different guys. They were all very pleasant and nice to chat with. After talking a while, three of them asked me on dates, so now I have a date lined up for Monday, Thursday, and Friday (?)!

So, let’s get down to business . . . and go, on some dates! (Mulan? Anybody get that? The song with Shang? I’ll just stop now.)

The guys asked me out and, to avoid situations I might not be comfortable with, I decided to suggest to all of them that we go out for lunch.

Lunch is probably the quickest, easiest, and least risky date you could have. It allows you to meet in a public place each with your own transportation (an all-important detail when blind dating), to get to know your date, and to leave after a set period of time, usually around an hour or two. Unlike a dinner date, there is no pressure to spend additional time together after the meal.

My State of Mind

Before I started using online dating, I expected people on Tinder to be odd, socially awkward, and slightly creepy (online dating stereotypes). I’m happy to report that, so far in my experience, there are some pretty stand-up guys. I also expected to have uninspired conversations and ended up with entertaining ones. Tinder dating, it seems to me, is pretty similar to regular dating, you just start off online.

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